Thursday, April 12, 2012

EQ Best Solo Classes.

Yes, for many many years SOE, (Sony Online Entertainment, the owners of Everquest), believed that most players raid and group. Things have changed in EQ now, in that SOE has realized, after 10 or so years, that many players do not group, but play solo.
SOE has made Everquest more solo friendly, by changing the game to aid the solo players.
With this in mind, I scoured EQ forums, and found this very handy comment.

Best classes for solo players.


(Taken from the EQ forums.
  High Elf Cleric, Erollisi)

My criteria for what i consider a "solo" class are these: No need for a mercenary. No need for potions/other player's buffs or outside help of any kind.  Can solo dark blues or higher at any stage of the game from 1-95. Can kill these same dark blue or higher level mobs at a reasonable pace and efficiency. Solo by means of progression and loot upgrades not just for experience, as most if not all the classes can now find good places to mass kill light blues or greens for experience at high levels.
The differences in the tiers i have divided above are this: Mages can take on singles at or near their own level including many named encounters thru the entire game. Requires some skill and a high but not soul-crushing amount of time and effort put into the character.
The Second tier is primarily different from the Mage in that they have the same abilities but you need to add a caveat- that the npcs they are hunting do not summon. Bards wouldve fit in here until their swarm kiting was nerfed, honestly i dont know where bards are at right now in their solo-dps but i suspect it is abysmally slow which is why they dont make the cut.
The Third tier are powerful soloers that need an incredible amount of AAs and time and effort put into the characters to solo at high levels and have more trouble than the first two tiers with tricky areas and adds but can still knock down mobs at a reasonable pace.
The Fourth tier needs near maximum numbers of AAs and attention to the character and will have a less consistent ability to defeat dark blues and up and will have longer downtimes than the third tier.
Those are my thoughts- i am far from an expert on all the classes, especially at the highest levels so feel free to correct or criticize what ive written here. But keep in mind what criteria ive stated for "soloing". i know warriors who can kill any mob in Argath..but with a merc, and potions, and buffs and gear and rank3 discs they earned while raiding- which are all things that require outside help to obtain.

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