Thursday, April 12, 2012

EQ Server Merges.

Those folks that are returning players to Everquest, and had characters on EQ, they are still there!
Below is a list of the current servers, with the names of the old servers merged into the current server.

Current servers Merged from
Luclin Stromm, Veeshan
Drinal Tarew Marr, Maelin Starpyre, Vazaelle
Xegony Zebuxoruk, Druzzil Ro, Xev, The Combine, The Sleeper
Bristlebane Solusek Ro, The Tribunal, Ayonae Ro
Cazic-Thule Brell Serilis, Fennin Ro, Torvonnilous
Bertoxxulous Tholuxe Paells, Saryrn, Mathaniel Marr
Tunare E'ci, The Seventh Hammer, Lanys T'Vyl
The Rathe Karana, Prexus, Terris-Thule
Povar Morden Rasp, Quellious, Rodcet Nife
Erollisi Marr Morell-Thule, The Nameless, Innoruuk
Antonius Bayle Kane Bayle, Venril Sathir, Sebilis, Kael Drakkal
Zek Sullon Zek, Rallos Zek...
Firiona Vie RP server

Hope this helps.

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