Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Draenor - A Good or Bad Expansion?


I have 3 level 100 characters. One garrison maxed at level 3.
Now what!
I am bored with this expansion! Yes, bored!

I no longer bother with the garrisons. My other 3 characters at level 90+ do nothing. Not bothered with finishing questing, leveling, or the garrisons.
I could go play the FaceBook games and have just as much satisfaction

I no longer do dungeons, raids or PvP.

Crafting has long been an issue with me. I have enjoyed keeping crafting skills on all my characters up. Draenor shows that Blizzard has no real interest in making crafting interesting or worthwhile.. As far as I am concerned,
Tailoring and Leatherworking are bad, bad. My 2 level 100's that have these crafts gave up some time ago.
Jewel crafting and Alchemy are okay, I think. However, my Alchemy character gets materials from the others as he does not have the herb garden.
Blacksmithing is okay.
Why make some crafters able to make items from level 90, while others have to wait till level 96 or 97? Bad planning, I think.

I decided this week to do some stuff.
My main has been doing the Argent Tournament for some time. I already have 35+ heirlooms, but am going for the reputation.
Two of the other level 100's are also about to grind reputation. One is after the Order of the Cloud Serpent, the other for the August Celestials.
I started a Goblin Hunter. Here I use 2 or 3 heirlooms, and am leveling up in zones other than what the Command Board suggests. ( am tired of the same zones over and over again - NO MORE ASHENVALE!!!)
My long forgotten Dwarf Paladin has been dusted off. He was languishing in Hellfire for a long time. He is outfitted in full heirloom gear. With no effort, I got him through zones spending some time here and there, enjoying the zones from the Alliance point of view. He is now in Mists, and will be 90 soon.

Future plans
The Alliance Paladin will remain in Pandaland. Once he reaches level 90, He will go through each zone, doing most of the quests. This guy will also help level up the stable of Battle Pets.
The 3 max level Horde characters will do Pandaland reputations. Each will go for the reputation that offers patterns and rewards for whatever their crafting skills want.
My main will also do the Nat Pagle reputation. I never got far with that.
My awesome death Knight will also go for some Timeless Isle reputation.
Who knows, I may take some of the level 90 + characters back to Pandaland.

I rate Draenor as Indifferent. In my view expansion is almost an optional patch.

Friday, April 3, 2015

World of Warcraft Battle Pets

I did a post about my accounts battle pets, and posted in my other blog! What an idiot, lol

A link to my warcraftpets.com collection is here.

As of Friday April 3, 2015, my account has a nice collection of battle pets. Not nearly as many as the serious battlers, but good enough for most of the pet tamers.

Warcraft Pets list the top 20 battle pets, voted by the forum members.

I have 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 8 , 10, 12, 13, 14, 16, 17, 18, 19.

As I don't do dungeons or raids any more, some are not available to me. I also do not buy from the Blizzard pet store.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Starting a Garrison


Core Quests for Garrison levels and buildings.

Level 1

A level 1 garrison gives one small and one large plot.

Pick up the two quests Gazlowe offers:  Back to Work and  A Gronnling Problem
Pick up  The Den of Skog from Gazlowe

Level 2

A level 2 garrison gives one small, one medium, one large plot, plus unlocks the mine, herb and fishing plots.

Go to Wor'gol.

The idea is to do just these quests to gain access to level 2 buildings.
I plan on skipping the side quests with all my alts. This should be do-able by level 92.
At this stage you can have 2 crafting plots.
My choices would be the barracks (large), 2 primary crafts (2 small), a lumber mill (medium).
Options are salvage yard (small), trading post (medium).

I suggest waiting until level 100 before trying the other building. Level up the followers, go look for followers to add to your list.
Once you are ready, only then try the Warmill, Inn, Stables. ( I wasted a lot of resources and gold chopping and changing!)

This post is really for my own reference, to help with my numerous alts.


Thursday, December 25, 2014

Gara, the Spirit Beast

I have lifted the following walk through for this tame from a post in Wowhead.com..

Another good post on how to do this is posted by the blogger Eyes of the Beast.


How to tame Gara the Spirit Beast
Must be Beast Mastery spec

Step 1 
• Talk to Gara - Shadowmoon Valley - 45.1, 65.9
• Choose to "Scratch her behind her ears"

Step 2
• Kill "Mother Om'ra" - Shadowmoon Valley - 44.0, 57.4
• Loot Shadowberry - (You can do this before Step 1 and then do Step 1 and 2 back to back)
• Go to Gara - Shadowmoon Valley - 45.1, 65.9
• Talk to Gara and "Show Gara the Shadowberries"

Step 3
Collect the following 6 items from all across Draenor by killing and looting the following mobs:
Crude Effigy from Drywind Bonepicker - Gorgrond - 45.2, 52.8
Wooden Bowl from Gorebound Legionnaire - Talador - 35.2, 73.8
Elder Incense from Sethekk Prophet - Spires of Arak - 69.0, 42.4
Small Fruit from Warsong Marauder - Nagrand - 71.8, 34.4
Torn Cloth from Necrophyte - Frostfire Ridge - 25.6, 10.8
Ancient Bone from Thunderlord Giantslayer - Frostfire Ridge - 64.6, 65.6

Step 4
• Click the "Crude Effigy" in your bags to create "Spirit Effigy"

Step 5
• Go to Gara - Shadowmoon Valley - 45.1, 65.9
• Stand exactly on the Disturbed Grave in front of Gara and click the "Spirit Effigy" in your bags
• Watch dialogue

Step 6
• Kill and loot Shadowmoon Voidtwisters - Shadowmoon Valley – 29.8, 56.8
• Get Void Lantern - (This will not drop unless you have completed the previous steps)
Note: You must enter this area of Shadowmoon Valley from Spires of Arak 64.4, 21.8 and cross the bridge into Shadowmoon Valley unless you have the Akeeta's Hovel flight path.

Step 7
• Go to Shadowmoon Valley - 60.2, 38.7
• Use Void Lantern
• Click Dagger in the tree - You will be phased into the Void realm

Step 8
• Kill Elder Voidcallers and Elder Void Lords until Xan, Lord of Glass spawns 

Step 9
• Kill Xan, Lord of Glass

Step 10
• Tame Gara

Note: Multiple hunters can do Steps 8-10 at the same time and each hunter will get their own Gara to tame in Step 10

This is mostly for my own use, will keep track of how it goes.

Completed the whole line, got Gara! It was okay doing this solo, but would be faster with others doing the last 2 steps.
Give Bikutanda or Qinn a shout for help!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Addons - December 2014.

I upgraded my Ram to the max of 4 GB for Windows 8.1 32 bit. (I should have gone with the 64 bit)

I like an UI (User Interface) with a clean look, with options that suit my playstyle. I move with my mouse, and use a Logitech G13 gamepad. 
Sooo, my right hand is busy with the mouse, and left hand is on the gamepad.
Because of the mouse movement, I want the right side of the screen available for my mouse, without anything in the way. (That means the quest watcher had to go some where else.)

The addons with an asterix * I always have.

elvui. I have used tukui in the past, but tukui no longer supports lower resolutions. elvui is good! Most of the hardcore players use this UI.

*Chocolate Bar - ChocolateBar is a sweet display addon for broker plugins
Broker plugins:
iGuild, iFriends, BugSack, Broker Chat Alerts, 

UI aid:
Bittens spell flash for rotations.
Error Filter
*GTFO - get out the fire!
*Pawn - upgrade info

*Tom Tom

Pet Battles:

Garrison Mission Manger
Broker - Garrison


I have a few more, but mostly just trying them out, or eye candy.

This is my banker/Auction House alt, so does not have much showing. The Quest Watch frame would be on the left.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Pre Patch 6.0.2 stats

I took the following screenshots of my 90 Hunter on Monday 13 October 2014.
The patch goes live on Tuesday 14 October.
I will take screenshots of the stats post the patch, probably on Wednesday.

Pre Patch                                                                     Post Patch

Strength             167
Agility               22401
Stamina             26511
Damage            24511
DPS                  11274
Attack Power   66769
Speed               2.56
Haste                17.12
Hit                    10.12
Crit                   28.99
Expertise          7.50
Mastery            23.21


Thursday, October 2, 2014

Pet Battles

A list of pet types, and what to choose to counter them.

Aquatic          Use Flying, Magic
Beast              Use Flying, Mechanical
Critter            Use Aquatic, Beast, Humanoid
Dragonkin     Use Humanoid, Undead
Elemental      Use Aquatic, Critter
Flying            Use Dragonkin, Magic
Humanoid     Use Beast, Undead
Magic            Use Dragonkin, Mechanical
Mechanical   Use Elemental
Undead          Use Critter