Thursday, December 25, 2014

Gara, the Spirit Beast

I have lifted the following walk through for this tame from a post in

Another good post on how to do this is posted by the blogger Eyes of the Beast.


How to tame Gara the Spirit Beast
Must be Beast Mastery spec

Step 1 
• Talk to Gara - Shadowmoon Valley - 45.1, 65.9
• Choose to "Scratch her behind her ears"

Step 2
• Kill "Mother Om'ra" - Shadowmoon Valley - 44.0, 57.4
• Loot Shadowberry - (You can do this before Step 1 and then do Step 1 and 2 back to back)
• Go to Gara - Shadowmoon Valley - 45.1, 65.9
• Talk to Gara and "Show Gara the Shadowberries"

Step 3
Collect the following 6 items from all across Draenor by killing and looting the following mobs:
Crude Effigy from Drywind Bonepicker - Gorgrond - 45.2, 52.8
Wooden Bowl from Gorebound Legionnaire - Talador - 35.2, 73.8
Elder Incense from Sethekk Prophet - Spires of Arak - 69.0, 42.4
Small Fruit from Warsong Marauder - Nagrand - 71.8, 34.4
Torn Cloth from Necrophyte - Frostfire Ridge - 25.6, 10.8
Ancient Bone from Thunderlord Giantslayer - Frostfire Ridge - 64.6, 65.6

Step 4
• Click the "Crude Effigy" in your bags to create "Spirit Effigy"

Step 5
• Go to Gara - Shadowmoon Valley - 45.1, 65.9
• Stand exactly on the Disturbed Grave in front of Gara and click the "Spirit Effigy" in your bags
• Watch dialogue

Step 6
• Kill and loot Shadowmoon Voidtwisters - Shadowmoon Valley – 29.8, 56.8
• Get Void Lantern - (This will not drop unless you have completed the previous steps)
Note: You must enter this area of Shadowmoon Valley from Spires of Arak 64.4, 21.8 and cross the bridge into Shadowmoon Valley unless you have the Akeeta's Hovel flight path.

Step 7
• Go to Shadowmoon Valley - 60.2, 38.7
• Use Void Lantern
• Click Dagger in the tree - You will be phased into the Void realm

Step 8
• Kill Elder Voidcallers and Elder Void Lords until Xan, Lord of Glass spawns 

Step 9
• Kill Xan, Lord of Glass

Step 10
• Tame Gara

Note: Multiple hunters can do Steps 8-10 at the same time and each hunter will get their own Gara to tame in Step 10

This is mostly for my own use, will keep track of how it goes.

Completed the whole line, got Gara! It was okay doing this solo, but would be faster with others doing the last 2 steps.
Give Bikutanda or Qinn a shout for help!


Andre said...

Done steps 1 and 2.
This was easy.

Anonymous said...

thanx for the heads up , will try on one of my Hunters!

Chebthiz said...

Completed the whole line, got Gara! It was okay doing this solo, but would be faster with others doing the last 2 steps.