Wednesday, April 11, 2012


This week I ran the Everquest download for the Free to Play option. I left EQ for World of Warcraft some years ago.
Some of my old characters went poof, sadly, including my oldest, first character. However, my 2 highest level characters are alive again, than goodness.
On Xegony, I have 2 characters, with Saanlem the Magician at level 60.
On Erollisi, I have 3 characters, with Birdienumnum the Beastlord at level 63.
Drinal has 4 characters, some of my oldest, with Wigglemage at level 53.

The servers went down for maintenance and patch shortly after I logged in, so I have not been able to have a look at most of the toons.  With the F2P, the bazaar may be out of bounds, which will be a problem, as I had a trader on each server.

Part 2
I got back into Everquest today, Thursday 12 April, the day after the aforementioned patch. Well, I did do some odds and ends I needed to do, then got the serverwide message that the servers are going down! For a 4 hour patch to yesterdays 5 hour patch, hehe.
I did some housekeeping with the toons.
On Drinal, I kept
     Wigglemage (lvl 53 Gnome magician) and
     Artnoble (lvl 32 Gnome paladin).
     Birdienumnum (lvl 63 Vah Shir beastlord)
     Chebbie (lvl 49 Iksar warrior - the oldest existing character)
     Saanlem (lvl 60 Human magician - still guilded with Mystic Crystal, a guild started on The Combine progession server, which was the 4th largest on that server.)

I plan on making a new toon to run through the newbie tutorial. I sure have forgotten much of how to operate in Everquest.

With the Free to Play (f2p) option, there is a cap on the number of toons per server. As a previous player, one gets the Silver option, which allows 4 toons per server. Also, non paying members may not trade in the Bazaar, although buying is allowed. I therefore deleted my toons I used as full time traders. I did not loose much, as another restriction is on the max money a toon may have. (Maybe there is a max limit to the account, I don't yet know.)

I joined Everquest on 17 September, 2002.
I left about 4 - 5 years later, to join World of Warcraft.

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