Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Bikutanda will go on a walk. The pilgrimage will be to "The Shrine of the Fallen" in the Barrens, thence onward to Mulgore, to the quest-giver of "Kyle's Gone Missing".

At the "Shrine of the Fallen" tribute will be made to those that have fallen, known and unknown.

In Mulgore, the quest "Kyle's Gone Missing" was designed by Ezra Chatterton,(Ephoenix), who died recently from a brain tumor. The voice is Ezra's voice, made during a "Make a Wish" Foundations visit to Blizzard. More here and here.

Server: Nazgrel (US)
Tentative for Sunday, November 23 at 10 AM server time (Eastern time)

-- Walk is the " / " key next to the Num Lock key --


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