Thursday, August 28, 2008

Guild - boggle!

Aye, its pretty amazing!
Elders of Legend (EoL) is a non-raiding casual guild.

I read a lot of blogs and have seen comments on drops in attendance of guilds.
Some lose to raiding guilds.
Some lose to WoW apathy.
Some lose to the pre expansion dropoff.
Most lose to the summer dropoff.

EoL has suffered all that, BUT is actually growing in members. WTG!
EoL has a policy that members that have not played for 3 months are dropped from the guild. (unless the member asks for a LOA and gives a good, valid reason). We do not want inflated numbers.

Good on you Elders of Legend!

(and to think at one stage I had plans to prune the numbers to around 200, LOL)


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