Friday, April 30, 2010

Guild guidelines, and other stuff.

People play World of Warcraft for:
  • Socializing with real-life or in-game friends
  • Exploring the virtual world
  • Competing against real or virtual opponents
  • Entertainment, relaxation
  • Accomplishment that comes from in-game achievement.
 Elders of Legend is different to most guilds in that we have an age restriction of 25 years old.
We are a casual-style guild with raiders, dungeoners, and those that prefer not to go into instances.
We have many couples, parent and "child", and grandparents.
I have not bothered with working out our average age, suffice to say I, the Guild Leader, am 59 years old.
Our gender makeup is 60% male, 40% female. (Compared to the standard 84/16!)
Elders of Legend has  few rules.
  • PG13 - Swearing will have one warning, and one only
  • Courtesy - Harassment - one warning. Sexual Harassment - instant dismissal, and a note to Blizzard.

It may seem like the average age for World of Warcraft is 14 years old, but according to some surveys, 84 percent of "World of Warcraft" players are male, and 16 percent are female. The average player's age is 28, and female players tend to be a few years older than male players. Regardless of their gender, players spend an average of 21 to 22 hours a week playing the game

Note: Asked many times... How do you know the person is really over 25?
This is very easy. New members have a 14 day Initiate period. The guild will soon know if the new person is really mature enough to stay with the guild. How? Speech and actions!


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