Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Feb update

Back to having issues with my Internet service. My latency in WoW has gone from the 300's to between 600 - 1200ms, which is no good for grouping.
Basicly, Bikutanda the level 80 Hunter does the fishing and cooking dailies, runs a skinning route in Scholozar Basin, then thats it.
I made a new Tauren Hunter, and have been running him mostly. The idea is to go with what he gets from quests and drops, without twinking. I do have Bikutanda make leather gear now and then.
A few weeks ago, I dusted my level 29 Rogue. This Rogue was my pure pvp character. However, for some reason the level 29 battlegroups are not as popular as before. The waits in the queue would be longer than 30 minutes. Soooo, I took him out questing. I tried a few random dungeons, but the latency issue is very bad for a contact melee type.
The baby Hunter is level 28, and the Rogue is level 32.
I plan to level these 2 up in different zones, to avoid boredom.


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