Monday, October 5, 2009

Smoky, the Spirit Beast.

I made the comment in the previous post that I had left the Spirit Beast in the stables, as it was not doing the DPS I expect from a hard-to-get exotic beast.

Well, last night, we did some 5 man dungeons with 2 inexperienced guild members..
We ran Violet Hold on normal, resetting the instance until the level 79 dinged level 80.
We had no healer. We had 3 experienced members, a tanking paladin, a rogue and a hunter. The other 2 were a paladin and a warrior.

Well, I was a little surprised with my pets.
Usually, I take a wolf to instances. However, I had dumped the wolf/worg with the flaming red feet and have Ironjaw. This wolf is still leveling up, so I took the devilsaur. As I suspected, and have read, the devilsaur has problems. He seems to take a lot of damage. I had to heal a lot, and she died once.
I switched to the spirit beast, Smoky, and saw that I had to hardly heal!
Smoky did well! I was rather surprised about this.

I must admit I am not a theorycrafter, and don't keep up with changes. Obviously the Spirit Beast is not that lacking as a good BM pet anymore. In my opinion, the exotic Spirit Beasts should be the top pet as a DPS pet.

YAY Smoky!

I will be taking Smoky out a lot more now. I am partial to cat pets, and Smoky IS a cat!


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