Sunday, August 23, 2009

Elders of Legend

Elders of Legend was formed as a guild on June 15, 2007, on the Nazgrel server.

The guild was founded by 3 people that migrated from Everquest, where I (as Saanlem) had a guild where the minimum age requirement was 25 years old. This was rather successful, where Mystic Crystal became the 4th largest on the server.
We wanted the same style guild, no pressures, no raid requirements. The credo from the Everquest guild was one that I transplanted to Elders of Legend.

" * We are a guild that places the highest values on courtesy, respect, mutual support, and fun. Our members come to one another's aid and to the aid of anyone of honor. We want to be known as the guild that "gets it" -- the guild that understands the real purpose of World of Warcraft®. We want to return to the fun and relaxation of playing. We are first and foremost a family.
* We are, on average, a more "mature" guild than many. That is a nice way of saying that the average age of guild members tends to be higher than other guilds. We expect a fairly high level of maturity in words and actions. Guild chat, and forum posts should be PG13.
* We are a casual guild, not a raid guild.
* We are not a high-pressure guild. Some guilds put a lot of pressure on members to participate in raids, whether they really want to or not. While we hope you will want to participate in guild events with your brothers and sisters, we do not want you to do anything you don't want to do. That is against the principle of 'fun'. Feel like playing your alts instead of your main? Rather tradeskill than grind experience? That is always YOUR decision. "

On July 24, 2007, we formed a "sister" Alliance guild, League of Elders.

We have an almost dormant website, here.


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